standard pressure tennis balls

$16.99 $45.99



Weight (g): 45+/-10

Category: Training Ball

Diameter (mm): 60+/-10


INSUM Beach Tennis Balls

50% Standard Pressure Outdoor Entertainment Sport Beginner Training Balls Pet Dog Balls

Pro-Standards: Professinal Stage 2 beach tennis balls, larger and lighter than regular tennis balls, making them easier to hit and control in the windy and sandy conditions of beach tennis.

Low Speed: Stage 2 beach tennis balls have a lower compression and bounce than standard tennis balls, they do not travel as far or as fast when hit, providing a more controlled and enjoyable game for players of all levels.

Durable: Made from Natural rubber, more durable foam material than regular tennis balls, which allows them to withstand the rougher conditions of beach tennis, such as sand and saltwater, for a longer time.

Bright-Coloured: The bright orange colors make them highly visible against the sand and water, making it easier for players to track and hit the ball.

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